MERDA Company Processing Plant and Animal Slaughter Sp. z o o. was founded in 2001. The Company is a family business with tradition and experience carried over from a previous poultry slaughter plant, which was created in 1990 by Mr. Florian Merda. The main business is the production of carcases, parts and poultry meat derived from both light hens and heavy hens. The plant is certified BIO authorising the production of organic products. Currently the company employs 84 workers. The plant production capacity stands at 3000 units / h light hens and 1,500 pc / h heavy hens.

The company has its own transport base equipped with specialised vehicles for the transport of live poultry and specialty vehicles for the transport of finished products, fresh and frozen.

The main customers are companies trade products, and meat processing companies in the country and abroad. Products exported to European Union countries, Africa and Asia account for 80% of the total sales of the company.

Thanks to programs supporting the development of companies through co-financing from EU funds in the plant were carried out investment activities involving the modernization and expansion of the plant and purchase of modern machinery and equipment.
The major investments include modern high bay warehouse for frozen goods with labor management system warehouse, cold store based control of mobile radio terminals and sliding shelves allow free access to every pallet location. In addition, two chambers were built shock freezing and chilling poultry carcases.
These investment activities have contributed significantly to productivity growth and improve production safety.

The main founding Merda is providing its customers excellent quality and highest level of product safety. For this purpose, the plant implemented a HACCP system so you can quickly identify and prevent potential threats.

With years of experience and top quality products to its family, "Merda" Processing Plant and Animal Slaughter Sp. of o.o. has a growing confidence in the country and abroad, as evidenced by the widening circle of customers and suppliers, and numerous awards.

We welcome all customers of the products and raw material suppliers to cooperate with our company!